Puddle Jumpin'

An August weekend surrounded by damp, soggy conditions means one thing…go outside!

No rain! No gain!
Right? No? Come on. Hiking, walking and running in the Western Washington rain is refreshing. [Side note: Cycling might be cool too, but as many of you know bikes and I have a mutual disdain for one another.]

When was the last time you purposefully splashed feet first, kindergarten style through a full-size, muddy puddle? It’s completely liberating.

Here’s how you do it… Find the biggest puddle you can. Take ten steps back. Do not inform your husband of your intentions. Run at full speed, then leap up high and SPLASH! Your feet will be wet, yes, however laughing until your abdomen cramps with pumping fists of triumph is worth moist Tevas.

With no intentions of letting the weather confine us in the house on the weekend, The Hubs and I found a suburban path in Silverdale yesterday. What’s a suburban path you ask? Well, it’s in Silverdale, so I don’t want to describe it as “urban.” And it’s in Silverdale, so I can’t say it’s a “trail.”

The Clear Creek Trail (path) runs from the edge of Dyes Inlet at Old Town Silverdale six miles up a simple creek bed, over a plank boardwalk covered wetland and into valley farms. As far as suburban paths go, this one was perfect. Long, clean, seemingly safe, the trail is in incredible shape even in the rain. Its stroller and toddler friendly, however we carried JJ Attack on our backs, so neither of us had to have both dogs at the same time and, of course, we look rugged… on the suburban path. Ok, no laughing.

Our picnic of stinky cheeses, sesame crackers, ripe plums, smoked salmon and a ‘07 Cab donated to the cause by our friend Sarah was put on hold until we got home, because the benches and picnic tables were just too wet for comfort. But, as if it was meant to be, JJ Attack feel asleep in the car and stayed asleep for two more hours, so we although our picnic indoors it was still romantic. A perfectly ending to an otherwise cold day.