Admissions of that one kid’s mom…

The following words actually came out of my mouth this morning, “Hold on. Don’t fall. Mom’s getting her coffee.”

Not really mother of the year material is it? After analyzing this little piece of brilliance I discovered more disturbing affirmations.

First, as mentioned, not something a mother should say, but I’m pretty sure mothers do say these things all the time. Over the past ten months I’ve learned that it truly is impossible to watch your child 100-percent of the time. You quickly learn the difference between what’s an “Oh my God!” moment, the sucking in air between your clenched teeth moment and the “phew, that was a close one” moment.

Secondly, I’m a caffeine addict. Period. Done. Game over. In the order of priorities, coffee apparently lands above my child. But only until 10:00am, then it switches to iced tea. I’m not a complete Neanderthal.

[Side note, got to go turn off The View. Why are they all talking at once? Hello, Food Network!]

And finally, most disturbingly, I refer to myself in the third person, “Mom.” Does this mean my former identity of Dee – rabid outdoors gal and a hell of a cook - has evolved into nothing more than Jack’s Mom? Probably, and I’m entirely okay with that.

What being Jack’s Mom has taught me is that I can still be that cool outdoors hell of a cook chick, but it’s not necessarily on my terms any more. Today I squeeze in hikes around naps. I don’t start dinner until Dad, another recently nameless soul, gets home. And I fall asleep at 9:30pm with my book flopped open beside the pillow.

Parenthood means change, folks. Embrace and enjoy. It’s quite the adventure.