Mysteries of the Market

Not one, not two, but five people commented on the flurry of leaves and fronds hanging out of my market bag, the sides of our stroller and Jack's mouth, as my happy little rider munched on a bunch of brilliantly colored carrots at the busy Puyallup Farmers Market. His favorite...the purple one.

This particular trip to the market wasn't the leisurely sort. I was on a mission, purposely searching out produce not regularly found in our kitchen. From left to right, top to bottom, here's what I got: Chinese spinach, eggplant, fava beans, fennel, golden beets and a leek.

As a child, I read the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. At the end of each chapter you were forced to make a decision. You were offered two choices, safety vs. risk. "Turn to page 67 to return to the car. Turn to page 41 to walk into the dark, cold, scary, probably monster infested, really bad idea cave." With trembling fingers, I'd slowly make my way into the unknown.  

As an adult, cooking is an extension of all those childhood stories. Why chose regular spinach when a bright bunch of purple variegated Chinese spinach beckons. Dismiss the potato, go for the eggplant. 

Today I will research how to cook fava beans. Tomorrow the adventure begins.