Where Lemons Grow

Oh, Garden. It’s been a tough couple months for you, hasn’t it? Long winter. Cold spring. Slow to warm summer.

Evergreens line the tomato plants, but alas not a red one in sight, not even a pink hue. The raspberries turned red, and then molded a week later when the rains came back.

I think in my next life I want to live in a more garden-friendly environment. Somewhere where the sun shines as much in the morning as it does in the afternoon, because around here the sun has been in quite the duel with the fog, and so far the fog reins supreme. Each dawn the fog draws its pistol, aims squarely and fires.

Come on, Sun. Stop being such a wuss! Get scrappy! Fight back for the tomatoes, the garlic, the corn, for ME!

I want to live where lemons grow, because lemons need a lot of sun. Not that I know anything about lemons, because there’s no way one would grow in my yard. Where do lemons grow? California? Georgia? Sounds good to me.

How amazing would it be to wake up each morning and walk out to your lemon orchard (farm? field?) and pick the day’s bounty amongst singing birds and blossoming flowers. My hair would be flowing, my dress (size 4 in this dream) would flutter romantically in the breeze and my arms would be bronze… from the sun… the sun that shines all day long.

I would bring in my lemon harvest and make drums of lemoncello that The Hubs and I would sip peacefully as we watch JJ Attack and whatever siblings he gets play in the grass.

Yes, I think I want to live where lemons grow.

Until then, I urge the sun gods to exalt upon my fledgling attempt at a garden. Otherwise you’re going to get A LOT fried green tomato recipes.