Junk Drawer

JJ Attack is trying to tell me something, "Hey, Mom, this drawer is awesome. It's full of all kinds of junk."

Sadly, that's not the junk drawer. That's the... um... birthday candle, foil, plastic fork, napkin, tea towel, etc. drawer.

Time to declutter. Time to build a pantry.

We have an empty space in our kitchen where an old chimney used to be that's crying out to the new pantry. The Hubs and I have discussed it, and he's on board. 

Anybody know how to build a panrty?  And by pantry, I mean shelves. Simple, exposed shelving. Personally, I think exposed shelves or cabinets in a kitchen looks very chic. And there's not a lot of chic going on in our kitchen.

We'll probably get 25-square-feet of shelf space, give or take, but that small amount of organizational freedom will heap decluttered return upon our cramped, tight kitchen.  

And, JJ Attack will have a whole new space to destroy.