Vacation Elation

Why do vacations ever have to end? Torture, I tell you. Pure torture. Goodbye, Loon Lake. Goodbye summer. Goodbye, white pants.

The boys of summer.

The Hubs, JJ Attack and I just spent a glorious week at Loon Lake north of Spokane, WA with our very best friends and a bunch of kids - ours, theirs, their nieces and nephew and friends'. Four families in total shared one huge house, food, beer and laughs. 

Blueberry cereal bar kiss. Yum!

This was our first vacation as a "family". JJ Attack did really well on the six hour drive, which I was completely dreading. I sure wouldn't want to be strapped down for six hours, but he was a champ. Our little angel slept most of the way, then woke up with a smile and either "read" his books, made his dad laugh or pondered life through the glaze on the window. The Hubs and I had quality time to chat, which was long overdue. Funny how an eleven month old monopolizes most of your brain capacity.   

It didn't take long for JJ Attack to monopolize the baby's play toy once we got there. Um, pretty sure he exceeded the weight limit on that toy.

Can you say, "Baby Huey?"

Actually, all the kids shared pretty well. We brought JJ Attack's blocks, books and a little football and soccer ball. The blocks were a huge hit with everyone. And the little football, well, let's just say that a few Coors Lights and the Dads were channeling Drew Brees. That is, of course, until the next day when their 30s kicked in. Not so limber anymore are ya?

Whipped cream pie facials.
One of my favorite nights was our "keep the kids busy" field games night. We organized the five kids, plus a dad or two, into playing a bunch of games that we all played back in the day, including jelly bean whipped cream pie eating contest, the egg toss and Izzy Dizzy. Ten turns around the bat later and everyone was on the floor in tears. Rumor has it that one of the moms peed a little she was laughing so hard. I say that's a successful evening.

The Hubs, JJ Attack and I even got the chance to do a little hiking.

Nighty night, little prince.
There was a nature conservation area just down the road from the cabin. Perfect! We meandered the trails for about an hour before realizing we probably on private property. No worries. The people in the area were incredibly nice. One lady actually said, "You can walk here with you little baby whenever you like." Love it! I'm pretty sure we wouldn't get that same reception in T-town.

Well, as always this good thing had to come to an end too. Now that we're home, we're back in the swing of things, but I think the vacation gave The Hubs a little bit more get up an go. My amazingly crazy man spent all of Saturday on the ground learning how to change the oil in our cars.

Nuts and bolts.
And he was successful! My beautiful, enginnerd husband actually got down, crawled under my zero clearance Santa Fe and after a few grunts and groans actually changed the oil. I couldn't believe it. I am a very proud wife!

The Wicked Wizard of the Driveway.
With a pumpkin spice latte raised high, I say cheers to summer. This Autumn is going to be busy, but we're relaxed and ready to go.