More than Zero

He’s one. One year old now. It happened last Sunday. His first big day. How did that happen?

Everyone said, “It goes by so fast….” I listened. Honestly I did, but that last year feels like it hardly happened it went by so fast. Could it be the lack of sleep or is it the unbelievable joy? I don’t know. All I do know is that we have a new member of our family who we’ve been waiting for our whole life.

Is this what completion and peace feels like?

When I was pregnant I daydreamed relentlessly about what my baby would look like, who he or she would be.

I pictured a blue eyed, blonde haired, kinda stubborn, but sweet and kind little boy. Believe it or not that’s exactly what we got. JJ Attack is phenomenal. Hell yeah, I’m biased, but truly he’s everything I, everything we, ever wanted.

So this week I pass my entire good luck blessing onto you. May the next year of your life reveal perfection. We all deserve it…at least until they turn two.