Salsa Therapy

The Hubs and I made salsa the other day and I’m so very proud of us. We did it together, it did not take all day and no divorce papers were filed. In fact, I think he’s hooked. I mentioned making jam and he was into it. 

Honestly, I think the reason he’s so helpful these days, is simply because…he’s helpful. He was born that way. The Hubs loves being invited into the kitchen almost as much as he loves these words, “you’re right.” He keeps count of how many times I’ve said it in our relationship. Pretty sure he’s still on one hand. Whatever’s clever, buddy.

Try it. Invite your husband or wife, or girlfriend/boyfriend into the kitchen with you. It’s a blast.

Here are a few suggestions to creating a completely splendid salsa canning experience:

1. Wait until your baby is asleep. They spoil all the good grown up fun.

2. Beer/wine is mandatory, especially if it’s a soggy Saturday afternoon. Come one, when was the last time you cracked open a bottle at 2:00pm and did something together that actually saved you money and tasted good? Nevermind. Don’t answer that.  

3. Give him/her one task at a time with simple directions and step back. Don’t hover! He/she will do great. Will it look exactly like yours? Probably not, but who cares. It’s going to cook down anyway and it will taste just the same, now take two steps back and resume chopping 47 cups of peppers.

An hour and a half after we started we stood in triumph, applauding ourselves at the seven randomly sized, perfectly canned jars of salsa ranging from medium heat to hot heat to stupid heat.

Yup, you read it right - stupid hot. That would be two seeded jalapeños, two whole jalapeños AND two whole habaneras. How The Hubs has any stomach lining is beyond me.

Today I wandered out in the yard to pick blackberries for our next canning experience, but was sadly disappointed when I only found a cup full of ripe berries. No worries. The farmers market is only a few days away and you know I’ll get the hook up from my farm homies.